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Escrow Services

Tallent Title Services, Inc. Escrow Services

While other escrow service companies collect and disburse payments for almost any contract, Tallent Title Group, Inc. services begin before the contract is signed ........

Through Tallent Title Group, Inc., you can arrange to have a professional Tallent Title Group escrow agent handle all the details involved in servicing a first, second, or wrap-around mortgage, deed of trust, land contact, Bond for Deed, option or other installment loans. Whether you've agreed to accept payments on a promissory note or decided to include private mortgages in your investment portfolio, we have the experience and expertise required to properly service any installment plan. Tallent Title Group can provide note holders with the convenience of automatic fund disbursements, regardless of the date payment is received.

We work with property owners, purchasers, real estate brokers, insurance agents, Notaries, title insurance agents and attorneys to insure all parties are in full agreement before the contract is signed. The closing agent will complete a public records search to discover any mortgages, liens, judgments and/or unpaid taxes that could effect the purchaser's position.

Tallent Title Group's standard contract (which includes provisions for binding arbitration in the event of controversies and owner's authorization to act on their behalf when dealing with property taxes, insurance and underlying mortgage holders) is customized for the uniqueness of each situation. The final agreement is then signed before a Notary Public and a Memorandum is recorded in the public records to protect all parties.

The end result: quality contracts, quality servicing, and fewer defaults with happy buyers and sellers!

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