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Chain of Title

The Chain of Title is simply a complete history of instruments used to transfer ownership in a piece of property from the U. S. Patent to the last record owner. The Chain of Title breaks when a document is missing. For example, a chain-of-title might look like this:

Grantor    Grantee
George Weeks Dolly Madison
Dolly Madison Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis Alvin York
Alvin York Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Rudy Redmond
Rudy Redmond Joy Shoun
Joy Shoun Misty Boswell

If a title searcher can not locate the deed from Jefferson Davis to Alvin York, the chain of title is said to be broken. Should Tallent Title Group, Inc. title searchers discover a "broken chain", we have staff and or associates who can "remedy the break" in most cases.

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