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Tallent Title Group, Inc.

Tallent Title Group, Inc. was founded by Scott Tallent and Whitney Wilson to provide loan closing, title insurance, title inspection and escrow services in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas.

Brief Summary of the Services Tallent Title Group, Inc. Provides

You may order title insurance through our web site with the confidence that your transaction will be handled by a competent, courteous and knowledgeable title processing agent. Our system was created to encompass the speed and ease of the internet to deliver title data and documents securely and instantaneously. Expect the following:

  • Rush searches/quick turn around time.
  • Complete closing services.
  • Full title insurance.
  • "In office" or "out of office" settlements.
  • After hours closing accommodations.
  • Preparation of estimated settlement costs.
  • Document preparation.
  • Full recording services.
  • Tax assessment information.
  • Acceptance of e-mail documents.
  • Title examination (search).
  • Record owner and lien certificates.
  • Judgment and lien searches.
  • Disbursement of settlement funds.
  • Construction loan closings.
  • Quick return of loan documents and title policy.

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with expert loan closing and title services at an affordable prices. We are committed to providing high quality services that meet or exceed the needs of our clients.

What exactly, is involved in a title search?

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